A proposal is a binding agreement from H.G.D.S. to a prospective customer.

   This guarantees the prospective customer 30 day price guarantee of anything listed on the proposal.

 A "Customer" is under no obligation to purchase anything within the proposal. If customer decides to accept the proposal? Customer must sign the proposal and return it to a Representative of this company.

 The proposal Information will then be invoiced for payment. Once payment arraignments/agreements are in order. The process will continue and date of delivery and installation date will be placed in cue.


   Non-Special Order Residential or Non Special Order Commercial Doors require a 50% deposit of the total bill prior to developing an Installation Schedule.

    Special Orders include Colors other than White  or Systems that require Insulation or Window/Insert Installation.

  Special Orders can take up to 14 days to be delivered to our Distribution Center. A Representative can explain the situation on location. Special Orders require a full payment of the invoice prior to ordering the system from our Manufacture Representative.

  Some Special Orders may take longer if the design is Accent Style Doors, Wood Doors, etc....

  If the Distribution Center has a color that is in stock at the time of interest? We will waive full payment upfront. With a 50% requirement instead. But, We want you to understand that is very rare. But, it isn't impossible.

   We will work with each customer to the best of our ability. There will never be hidden cost or fees. All pricing is guaranteed and in writing.


   Prices/Quotes cannot be discussed over the telephone with a prospective customer. We have to come and evaluate the situation for us to establish a price. 

SERVICE CALLS AND REPAIRS (Effective 02/10/2018)

A Service Call is charged when Charles comes to your Business or Residence and make repairs. Amount ranges from $45 per call and outside of Breckenridge area will be higher. 

  All Estimates on New Installation are free. Estimates for replacement of existing door replacement of a Garage Door System Service;  fee is not charged for estimates. If you decide to use us to replace your Garage Door? We will take the Service Fee off of your final bill.

If your repairs exceed $100. We will waive the Service Call Fee. 

   Senior Citizens who have proof of residence at the location of repair will not be charged any Service Fee. Residential Only.


  Everything that goes into the Garage Door and Operator is Guaranteed by the Manufacturer and our company.  Our Service is guaranteed 110% down to the last tech screw that holds everything together. 

   Along with the Manufacturers warranty; We guarantee our work for a full year from the date of Installation. Within the 90 day period of installation. We will request to come back to the location and tweek the installed system. 

  Garage Doors need adjustments within the first 90 days of installation so the springs can adjust to the conditions at the time. This is free of charge to all customers.

   After the 90 day period; we suggest to join the maintenance program which is performed 2 times in a 12 month period. Texas Conditions can be brutal and the longevity of the door is very important to have a professional maintenance performed twice in a years time.

Residential Maintenance cost $65 per/year-Per System.

Commercial Maintenance cost $85 per/year-Per System.

 Both cover the maintenance of the Operator lubrication and inspection/Adjustment of chain if applicable.

  Texas weather also gets tremendously hot and cold. Garage Door Systems come with a bottom seal. H.G.D.S. installs Jam seals all the way around the exterior of the Systems at no additional cost.